Archives by Month: August 2016

We’ve been working hard to get this up and running, and we’re excited to finally be able to launch our ONLINE FUNDRAISERS to!

Our popular Bulk Fundraisers have been a staple for local organizations to raise funds over the years, and in an effort to serve a wider range of needs and demographics, this new online tool will be sure to help our customers even-more to meet their fundraising goals!


So how does it work? All you do is apply at, and upon approval we send you an online fundraiser COUPON CODE that you and your team will share with your customers. No tallying order sheets, no organizing product distribution or collecting payments; just share this code, and a percentage of the orders generated with your code goes towards your fund! It’s that easy!


With the fundraisers being through the mobile-friendly web shop at, you have the potential to reach customers anywhere in the US; and, with the wide range of products available on our online store, your customers are sure to find something to enjoy! We’re adding more products all the time, so the selection, choices, and opportunities to sell and send gifts will just continue to expand!


We send you customer-data reports for follow up (which include names & emails so you know who your ordered and who didn’t); there’s absolutely zero product-handling on your part (no more distribution-days or orders going missing); there’s a super easy sign-up process (just fill out the basic info at; there are many reasons to utilize our ONLINE FUNDRAISER for your school, charity or organization. Ask us for more details!

We hope you enjoy the new fundraising opportunities!

Campbell’s Sweets Factory was birthed from a commitment to a dream: to Keep Cleveland Sweet!

For over 12 years since our launch in 2004 when “Campbell’s Popcorn Shop” was opened in Cleveland’s historic West Side Market, we’ve seen the evolution of our shop continue to explode! Campbell’s continues to grow as our delicious popcorn is now sold in not only our own (3) retail locations, but can also be found in many grocers and retail shops in the Cleveland area: several Giant Eagle stores, the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield, local Heinen’s locations, BA Sweetie’s, CLE Hopkins Airport (in their Hudson News stores), and many more locations near you!

Our spawned from a central core-value we have at Campbell’s in our commitment to producing quality, hand-made goods; a commitment that runs as deep as our commitment to our home-town city we know and love of Cleveland, Ohio. We hold it as our personal goal and responsibility to stay devoted to that idea of Keeping Cleveland Sweet!

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Also, check back with us next month: we hope to have a lot of exciting updates in September, including the launch of a great new fundraising program. Get ready for ONLINE FUNDRAISERS!

“… WHAT?!”

Yep! Stay tuned!

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We just uploaded this video that shows you some of the nifty features of our signature cupcake-liners. Not only are they durable, cute [and full of delicious cupcake], but did you know they also fold-down like a plate? Talk about handy!

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