Archives by Month: August 2018

Summer’s on its way out, but it’s not too late to join the fun at our Campbell’s Locations !

If you’ve missed any of the action on our social media feeds, we’ve been having a blast this summer with all kinds of new products & deals in our store locations! Check out this snapshot video from our friends at CitiView Cleveland as they showcase some of our great product at our Downtown Arcade location!

More details on in-store deals and products are available below!

Gourmet Pretzels

We’re broadening our snacking horizons here with these delicious Gourmet Pretzel Bites! These totally munchable items are on-shelves in our store locations now in limited flavors (Ranch, White Cheddar Jalapeno, Cinnamon & Sugar and Buffalo), so pickup a bag (or several) to give them a try! They’re available for a limited time only, but who knows—if they catch on, we might just have them as a regular item! Try them today!

Sampler Caddies

The new perfect gift that provides a sample of our delicious gourmet popcorn but doesn’t break the bank: introducing our Favor Bag Sampler Caddies! Check out these in-store only items available to grab and go at $11.95 for (4) smaller-size bags in our handy carrier-caddy! Select flavors are available to mix and match; check them out today at all of our store locations to give them a try while we’ve got them in stock!

And… burritos?

Yes, burritos! Our store-receipts are now essentially useful as $1.00 off coupons for Ohio City burrito, and vice-versa! We’ve partnered with the local burrito-baristas in a fun deal for our customers that want to partake in local fare! Also on our store & online shop receipts, there’s an opportunity to win a gift basket by answering a survey questionnaire—so don’t throw those receipts out: there’s no end to the deals and opportunities at Campbell’s!