Archives by Month: September 2017

August has given us another winner, so our Flavor Fest is down to the (3) finalists!

Boy, for how close July’s votes were, August was a blow-out and French Toast was the clear winner! The sweet maple flavor combined with cinnamon & sugar definitely created your perfect excuse to have popcorn for breakfast, and people really enjoyed it! So, now our (3) final-flavors are set, so we’re onto our LAST ROUND of voting for our Flavor Fest! It’s the final showdown between Butter Kettlecorn, Root Beer Float, and French Toast! So, go give them a try, place your vote, and we’ll see which flavor makes it to our regular, year-round menu!

It’s the final round between:
June’s winner: “Butter Kettlecorn
July’s winner: “Root Beer Float
August’s winner: “French Toast

These flavors will be available both in-store and online to purchase, so give them a taste and submit your feedback! Head to our shop now to check them out!

Flavor Fest Free Shipping!

We just can’t leave you hanging on tasting our Flavor Fest flavors, and we’re more than happy to continue covering the shipping to give you a chance to try them; so, the deal for FREE SHIPPING on our new Summer Flavor Fest flavors is still running in our web shop! Order a 6-pack or 12-pack box online only with at least one of the Flavor Fest flavors, then use the code FlavorFest2017 during checkout for free ground shipping! Be sure to try these new flavors and submit your feedback by voting in our Facebook poll for the finalists!