Archives by Day: July 7, 2017

June’s results are in, and we have our first flavor finalist for the Summer Flavor Fest!

You tasted, you voted, and we have your winner: Butter Kettlecorn! Our classic Kettlecorn was kicked up a notch with more delicious butter flavor, and people loved it! So, Butter Kettlecorn has become our first-finalist, and will be one of the (3) final flavors to be voted on after we’ve tried more flavors and gotten more feedback over the next couple months! Try our new flavors for July, and be sure to give us your feedback on our Facebook poll for July!

June’s winner: “Butter Kettlecorn”
July: “Root Beer Float Popcorn“,”Hawaiian Pizza Popcorn“, “Cherry Cheesecake Popcorn
August: “Chocolate Covered Banana Popcorn”, “Ranch Popcorn”, “French Toast Popcorn”

These flavors will be available both in-store and online to purchase, so give them a taste and submit your feedback! Head to our shop now to check them out!