Archives by Day: October 2, 2017

We have our winner!

As the Flavor Fest wraps up, we have a new addition to our  Popcorn menu!

The final votes are in, and French Toast is the new addition to the Campbell’s regular menu of popcorn flavors! The sweet maple flavoring combined with real cinnamon & sugar was a huge favorite with our Flavor Fest fans, and now you can have popcorn for breakfast year round with this new addition!

As such, you can find this new flavor both in our stores and here on our website, fully order-able in our popcorn tins and popcorn box arrangements. In fact, use the code FrenchToast2017 to get $5 off your order when you get the new French Toast flavor in any 6 or 12-pack box box arrangement, and any 2 or 3.5 gallon popcorn tin!

We just want to thank EVERYONE for participating in our Flavor Fest this year! Hopefully this can become a regular occurrence for any new flavor concepts we come up with! Enjoy the new French Toast flavor!