The RNC is here, and so are new shop items!

Owner Jeff Campbell talked the Cleveland RNC with WKYC Channel 3 over the weekend; specifically about our “Bipartisan Edition” Dichotomy Popcorn! You can view the video below! As he says in the clip, we’re going to be running very low on our limited edition Bipartisan Popcorn tins, so grab one from our online store before they’re gone!

Also over the weekend, we did more updates to our shop! Now, you can order our hand-made popcorn balls, as well as our signature NON-GMO popping seeds in both white and yellow varieties! These massive kernels are used in the majority of our popcorn flavors; we’re proud of the NON-GMO seed Ohio is producing and are pleased to be able to get these to our customers! We hope to add even more items to this online category of home-popping, so stay tuned for more updates!

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